How is a child with chickenpox managed?

  1. They should not come into contact with other children or adults who have not had chickenpox until there are no more crops of new rash and all the rash has formed scabs.
  2. Paracetamol for fever
  3. Try to prevent secondary bacterial infection following scratching. Baby powder often helps reduce the itching. Antibiotics may be needed for impetigo.
  4. Ensure an adequate fluid intake, especially if the child has a sore mouth.
  5. A new vaccine, recently available, is very effective in preventing chickenpox and shingles.
  6. Hyperimmune immunoglobulin should be given prophylactically to high-risk children (leukaemia, AIDS, newborns) who are exposed to chickenpox.

Acyclovir is indicated for pneumonia or encephalitis or severe rash or in immunocompromised children.

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