How can a safe water supply be obtained?

  1. Chlorinated tap water must be provided where ever possible.
  2. Water can be sterilized by boiling or adding chlorine tablets.
  3. If none of the above is available, water can be made safer by putting it into a clear, plastic bottle or bag and leaving it in the sun for a few hours. The ultraviolet light will kill most viruses or bacteria in the water.

If the water is cloudy or dirty it should be filtered or be allowed to stand until the clear water at the top can be gently poured off. The clear water must then be sterilized.

A simple water filter can be made in a container with holes in the bottom. At the base of the container place a few centimetres of small pebbles. Cover these with a few centimetres of sand (not clay). Place the container on top of a second container in order to catch the drops of filtered water. The dirty water can now be poured into the top container to filter down into the second container.

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