What is commercial oral rehydration solution?

There are a number of different brands of commercially available oral rehydration solution (e.g. Sorol). They all contain a balanced mixture of electrolytes and water together with glucose. They are usually sold in the form of a powder which is packaged in a sachet (small packet). One sachet of powder should be mixed in one litre of water. The cleanest available water must be used. Sterile or boiled water (which has been allowed to cool) is best. Commercial oral rehydration solution powder should be kept in as many homes with children as possible.

Standard ORS contains 90 mmol/l of sodium and 111 mmol/l of glucose. However, WHO and UNICEF have recently advised that a solution of 75 mmol/l of both sodium and glucose is preferable as it gives an effective ORS with a lower osmolality.

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