How can infection with many types of intestinal parasite be prevented?

The same basic steps are needed to prevent most intestinal parasites:

  1. The safe disposal of faeces is most important, e.g. water flush toilets or correctly-made pit toilets (VIP toilets). Never pass urine or stool near a stream or dam.
  2. Hands should always be washed before preparing and eating food. They should also be washed before eating.
  3. Always use a clean, safe source of water for drinking and washing.
  4. Always wash raw vegetables or salads before eating.
  5. Avoid eating meat which has not been thoroughly cooked.
  6. Prevent pigs from eating human faeces.
  7. Do not leave dog faeces lying around.

Public awareness campaigns are an important method of reducing the number of infected children. Methods of preventing infection with intestinal parasites should be taught and practised at schools.

Safe toilets and clean water will prevent infection with most intestinal parasites.

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