What are the typical symptoms and signs of scabies?

The rash of scabies presents as many small, very itchy papules or vesicles, especially over the wrists, between the fingers, on the hands and feet and waist. A few itchy papules in the skin folds of the axilla (arm pit), around the nipples and umbilicus, and on the scrotum are common presentations in infants. The face can also be affected in small children. The itching is worse at night when the skin is warm. Blisters, sores and scabs often result from the scratching. Bacterial infection (impetigo) of the blisters and sores, which have been scratched open, is common.

Scabies presents as a rash which is very itchy, especially at night.

Sometimes the mite’s burrows can be seen as thin lines under the skin between the fingers and on the wrists. The mite may be seen as a white or black dot at the end of the burrow. Some affected people have no symptoms as they are not sensitive to the mite.

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