What should be done if the Road-to-Health Card is lost?

All mothers have the right to carry a Road-to-Health Card. If the card is lost or destroyed, the mother should be given a new card, clearly marked as a duplicate. All available information must be entered. The mother should be asked whether the infant has been immunised and which immunisations have been given. If she can give a good account of her child’s immunisations or if they are recorded in the clinic records, these should be entered in the new card and do not need to be repeated. If she is uncertain of the child’s immunisation history, the missing immunisations should be repeated. It is not dangerous to repeat an immunisation, provided that the child is not too old.

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  1. Pls help me i lost my daughters clinic card can i contact the nearest clinic for replacement

  2. Hi Nonhlanhla. Yes, I believe you can contact the nearest clinic. Please share your experience with us here afterwards, it will be valuable to others to know how it goes.

  3. I recently went to Lesedi hospital to inform them that I needed a replacement, due to us moving several times in the last year. I was treated with such disgust!!!!!! They then told me to get my ID copy certified, and get and affidavit stating what happened to the first one. I just wanted to scream really. I know my daughter still needs some shots, but I dont understand why i should go to such lengths.

  4. My child was born in 2004 and with relocation we misplaced it and they want it at school, do the hospital still have such information in 2015?

  5. I went to mowbray hospital bcs my child clinic card is destroyed and they said they can’t replace it its like fraud and they can get into trouble pls help as my daughter is a year and six months now

  6. I’m stressed out I was told that the road to health clinic card is important I lost it my son was born @ Steve bikho academic hospital will I get a copy of it how do I get it back again

  7. Rob ferreira clinic refused to give me a duplicate and clinics refused to immunise my kids without history of immunisation

  8. My baby’s card is written my HIV Status without my permission , I don’t want this to be in my baby’s card what can I do ?

  9. We’re researching exactly what your rights are, as a parent or guardian, when requesting a new replacement Road-to-Health booklet. We will post more information here soon.

  10. Hi, my daughter was born in 2011 in Nelspruit medi clinic. All of her shots are up to date up until 12 months when she had a really bad readction to the injection. We were advised not to take her for anymore shots. she is 4 now. so now that is it time to enroll her in schoo – 2017 – i dont have these records of 12 – 4 years of age shots as they were not given. and seems that we misunderstood our doctor , as he called me now to say he did not mean she should not have anymore shots. so now what do i do??

  11. We are often asked the question: “What do I do if my child’s Road to Health Card goes missing (lost, burnt or stolen)?”

    We have done some research and this is what we discovered. This relates to South Africa only.

    * If you can, go to a police station and get a stamped and signed affidavit that your child’s Road to Health Card/Booklet was stolen, burnt or lost. Include on the affidavit any other health-related documents that you need to replace.
    * Take this affidavit, your ID and your child’s birth certificate with you to the clinic where your child was born or the clinic that has most recently been treating your child.
    * Ask the clinic to find your child’s folder – all the information on the Road to Health Card should also be kept in the folder.
    * Ask for a re-issue of your Road to Health Booklet (the Cards have been replaced with Booklets). All government clinics should always have stock of blank Road to Health Booklets because the government distributes these regularly.
    * With the staff at the clinic, you should be able to fill in past medical history from those records and start filling in new information as well.

    If you move areas, you may have to go to your new local clinic for a replacement. In this case, you may not be able to fetch your child’s medical history, but you can start filling in the booklet from the day you receive the replacement. If the clinic is willing, they can request your child’s original file from the clinic where your child was born. This may take a while to receive, though.

    IMPORTANT: You cannot make up your child’s medical history and fill it in on a blank booklet. You can only get old information from the clinic’s official folder.

    If you would like more information, especially about your rights as a patient and a parent, please read our longer document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b4uMhUP94STmSD8oWuGaAJJ4DWaQOVm7ELWhLg-annE/edit?usp=sharing

  12. I have lost my child’s road to health chart(RTHC) and wondering if i could get another 1

  13. Hi,
    I have misplaced all my three kids clinic cards in moving house. I have searched everywhere. I am based in Alberton, Johannesburg. Where do I start to find a replacement. My 11 month old baby has still not had her 9 month injection because Dischem refuses to administer without the card ?????
    I am no desperate because what happens she is infected with something that could have been prevented.

  14. hi,thanks a lot i was panicking i even thought that i am an unfit mom,i was also scared that this public nurses are going to chow me alive because they don’t understand the word mistake.

  15. hi,thanks a lot i was panicking i even thought that i am an unfit mom,i was also scared that this public nurses are going to chow me alive because they don’t understand the word mistake.

    i will take my child for 5 year vaccination on Monday.thank a lot i don’t know what i could’ve done without you.

  16. Hi there, I recently lost my childs Road to Health Card. I went to the police station to make an affidavit, went back to the hospital and they gave me a form to collect the card from my local clinic. However, both of the local clinics in my area does not have these cards in stock and are not aware of this where the clinic needs to distribute new cards out for lost/stolen cases. They advised me to go back to the hospital and at the hospital they just sent me back to the clinic. Kindly advise how to go about this situation as my child is due for immunization within the next month and I would like to get this sorted out before then. Please help urgently.

  17. i’m 25 years old & excepting my first baby and also tested positive .my status is my secret why do the mid wife has to write my status at my child clinic card in that way my status it isn’t my secret any more what should I do to keep my status as my confidential thing.

  18. I went to police station and was given affidavit concerning my baby’s road to health card,and i went to where she was born at seshego hospital and they refuse to give me a new one,wat must i do bcz even mobile clinic wrote me a letter to go to my clinic to get a new card but they refused,perskebult clinic refused to give me a new card,what must i do?

  19. My child’s booklet has my Hiv status without my approval. I have a Job and a nanny who looks after my child but I carry the booklet with me to my work and the problem is sometimes I am too busy at work I can’t take my own child to clinic.now I’m left with an option of sacrificing my job. Can I get a new booklet that doesn’t have all the information about me so that its easy for me to leave the booklet at home without worrying about my status.im a single parent of two and my kids need to eat.

  20. hi, I have a question

    my child’s clinic card has my HIV status written on it, so this means that my status is not private anymore coz I wont even be able to ask my nanny to take him to the clinic…
    what do I do? do I go back to the clinic to get a new clinic card or?

  21. My bby,s clinic card was teared bt luckily i hve all the important information an still hve the card wht can i do?

  22. The only question that is not answered is that why should my hiv status be written on my baby’s card. Is it not suppose to be private as this is personal

  23. I need help. My son is 6 years old and is starting grade R next year our house was broken into and amongst the stolen things were he’s road to health card I have been to the clinic that originally issued this card but they said that they have no record of him. Since then I have been to numerous other clinics and nobody wants to re issue a new card or immunize him. We have since moved from Johannesburg to Capetown and still have had no one who is willing to help. He needs this to be accepted into a school and we really want to get he’s immunization back on track please help

  24. Hi my name is Phumzile Ngobeni ,my mother lost my clinic card and I never had a birth certificate and ID book, I visited Nkangala clinic to request a duplicate card but my file was not found, I am now 20 years without id book because home affair requested a clinic card to apply for a birth certificate and ID book, PLEASE I NEED ASSISTENCE. contact me on 0124226929

  25. i misplacede my 6years old clinic card and had been going up and down trying to get her a new one and the responses were not sweet at all..iv been told the same story…go to the nearest clinic, and when i get there the nurses just told me that they cannot help me..i am frustrated as we speak because already she missed lots of the immunisations

  26. Hi my name is Ncediswa i lost my son”s clinic card in May so i took my ID and his certificate but luckily i also had my release check up clinic form from the hospital so i went back with those and they gave me a copy with all the info that was written when i gave birth so now im going to take the copy to my clinic so that they can fill in his immunisation chart

  27. Hay i just want to knw will ellen nash clinck be abel to help li baby is 2moths and we moved and nw i cant find my her card

  28. hi my name is julia i lost my child clinic card , what do i need to do to get a replacement where must i go to the clinic or hospital my child to get the duplicate
    my child is due for immunusation within a month please help

  29. Hi, my daughter was born in a private hospital and does not have the road to health card just an immunisation card with her birth details. I would like to take her to the local clinic for her vaccines but was told that since she doesn’t have the road to health card they won’t be able to assist me and they don’t know how I can get one. Do you have any advice? What happens to people with kids who get retrench ed and no longer have medical aid but need these services?

  30. HIV status on clinic card (Road to Health Booklet = RTHB): Every mother has a right to confidentiality. Her status should not be written on the clinic card without her approval. The Department of Health issued Circular no 6 of 2015 (signed off by Dr NR Dlamini on 20 Aug 2015) in which it was stated as regards page 7 of the card: “Page 7 of the booklet entitled PMTCT/HIV Information was designed as a tear-off page. This page should be removed from the rest of the booklet and kept in a safe place and only put back when the child goes for a clinic or hospital visit. ”
    The Circular also states that: “All clinics and community health centres should have additional copies of the RTHB to replace lost booklets, or issue new ones. Health facilities should retain a record of the names of children to whom a RTHB has been issued. Where the RTHB replaces a lost or damaged one, it should be marked as a duplicate”.

  31. I lost my sons road to health book. I have always kept it in a safe place and now i have no idea where it is. He has been to every single check up except his 8 month check up and that was because i started a new job and there was nobody to take him. I am just really afraid of being scold at and i dont want to seem like i am a terrible mother. Help?

  32. I gave birth at a private hospital. I then went to my nearest government hospital for the road to health booklet because I’m going to take my baby for immunisation at the government clinic but the nurse said that they only give to people who gave birth at that hospital, and I should take the one they gave me at the private hospital to the government clinic.
    Is this correct? Will the clinic help me with the one from the private hospital?

  33. hi i lost my baby’s clinic card and i was wondering if you can tell me what is needed and how much is it going to cost me to get a new one

  34. Hi, my mother accidentally washed my daughters clinic card and since I have relocated the nearest clinic refuses to give me a new card, I’m so fustrated about this!! I’m even thinking of opening a case at the police station against the clinic, because the nurses are so rude and disrespectful, one even tried to fight me because I refused to leave until I got help, I didn’t entertain her because I had my daughter with me but believe me I was tempted. They want me to go back to where she was first immunised, I can’t afford the trip and my little girl will be immunised soon for her 24 months…. Please help anyone!!!

  35. You are entitled to a duplicate card. Please phone the relevant provinical Department of Health helpline number and explain your problem. Please see the list below.
    Eastern Cape – 0800 032 364
    Free State – 0800 535 554
    Gauteng – 0800 203 886
    KwaZulu-Natal – 033 395 2009
    Limpopo – 0800 919 191
    Mpumalanga – 0800 204 098
    Northern Cape – 018 387 5778
    Western Cape – 021 483 5624

  36. My son missed his 18 months because I lost his card he hasn’t been going to 1 clinic because we keep moving from province to province. I went to the clinic they told me to go to the hospital he was born in which is in Cpt and I’m in Gauteng. Is the a way I could get another card without spending so much money by travelling so far?

  37. Hi. I got a program to study and work at USA and I am required to have immunization record of which I don’t have. I was born in farms and raised by my late grandmother and because she died long ago and I moved to Jhb, the card was lost. I can’t trace it and immunization is required. I am 28years old now, is it OK to be immunized again at this age?

  38. Hi, my child’s immunisation card got lost while he was staying with his father’s family in KZN. My child was born in East London, EC and currently, we live in Stellenbosch. I traveled to the hospital in EC where he was born to do a duplicate. Duplicate was done with no issues. Issues started at the clinic where he got his immunasation shots for his first 2 years. They told me that they cannot find his records, and the nurses that were working in the clinic then are no longer working there. I tried to explain that they have to do something cause my child needs the card. I am so frustrated and angry. I really do not know the way forward now.

  39. Good day I have recently relocated to polokwane and during the move my sons road to health book had been lost how do I get another one? Asap as I’m planing to go back to Durban within the week

  40. Are there any concerns regarding BCG and other related medicines and substances that the department is procuring from India. Is the department having and putting in place rigorous quality control measures to make certain that the medicines that are consumed by citizens of the country are safe?

  41. Vaccinations are not mandatory, it is against the law for your child to be declined school entry without vaccination.
    And it is very dangerous to have vaccines repeated, read the vaccine inserts and research the ingredients!

  42. Hi, I lost my daughter’s Immunisation card and her school is looking for it now. The lady in the office told me if they dont get the card she is not allowed back at school. My daughter is 11 years old and she was up to date with all her shots, Are schools allowed to refuse entry for your child if she does not have a card??

  43. Hi i seem to have misplaced my 4 year old sons road to health booklet please can you give me advise to do i got a copy of his book from his school thanks gayleen

  44. Good morning 🙂
    My granddaughter was born in Zambia & now her mom has “misplaced” her card. The last clinic she visited was the one in Unitas. Where can we get a new card from?

  45. I lost my child’s health card. She was born in 2004 and then I went to coronation hospital to request for a new one. Unfortunately they told me if it’s lost its lost just get an affidavit from the police station. That was it. I really need help

  46. hi I lost my daughters clinic card.Who do I contact and what do I do too get a new one

  47. hi my name is Sharifa…..i have a problem,i have a sister who is 24yrs of age highly addicted to drugs,a few months ago i found out she was pregnant,asked her to go to clinic but she refused,well a week ago when i was away on business she was at my house with our nanny, and at around 2 in the in the morning she gave birth im her room,and blatantly refused to get medical care ….when i arrived she was already gone and left us with a baby,i don’t know how to contact her ,i’ve tryed to look for her in her usual spots with no luck……my problem is the baby has no road to health card,no birth certificate…..which makes it difficult to put her in medical aid…..how do i get this baby properly registerd?

  48. I lost my daughter’s(9yrs old) clinic card in a fire we had. When i visited the Samora Machel clinic in Cape Town, i was told their system had been changed and old records had been lost. What now? I cant register my daughter in a new school.

  49. How do I go about getting an immunization chart or book if I lost my childs one?

  50. Hi I lost my baby card she did not receive all her immunisation am mot even sure of what she got and what not I lost I a good few years back she is now Four years old and I release that she needs that card my local clinic refused to give me one I went to tigerburg hospital where I give birth the send me back to my local clinic witch is still refusing me because no one has information about my girl please please help…..what should I do to get one????

  51. Please help i lost my son clinic road health care card so where can i get the new one

  52. Are nurses alloeedvto send you to the previous government facility when you taking your child for immunisation. Cos my sons day mom took him to grassy park clinic and was told she needs to go back to diep river they cannot assist. When yet the day mom resides in grassy park n retreat clinic which is closer was closed previously and the nearest was diepriver cos she wasnt in time for grassy park. Please advise i have also requested a copy of a road to health booklet and was told to get one from th place of birth which was gatesville melomed.

  53. hi, my daughter is 3years and had her immunization shots up till 18months. ive lost her clinic card and her body has been itchy for months now and i do take her to see a private doctor but still whatever they give her doesnt work cause the rash and itchness is still continuing, What could be the problem, or maybe she needed to go back to the clinic for checkups between 18moths and six years? and i have a copy of the immunization part of the card and the cover of the card, if i show the clinic that will they give me a new card?

  54. Hi. I have to enrol my son in grade 1 next year and they need a copy of his clinic card which I lost when we moved last. Can one go to your nearest police station and get a avidavit done to state that he had all his injections. We have moved around alot the previous years so he hasn’t had them at the same clinic or chemist.

  55. Hi

    I am living with my nephew and he is just 2 years old. His immunization card has been stolen and his mother wouldn’t give me his birth certificate and keeps saying she lost it. however I understand that if she goes to the hospital for proof of birth they will give her a letter which will allow us to make another birth certificate and an immunization card. I’m afraid this will prevent the child from attending creche and school in future. Should I involve the law in this?

  56. Hey I just washed my son’s bag excedentaly with his book inside don’t know what to do coz de book is destroyed

  57. my car was hijacked this december i lost my baby s card and he is only 3 weeks old what should i do to get back the card and he was not born in the same province im staying

  58. I lost my son’s card who is now 6 years old, I went to the police station and got the affidavit. the child was born in Pietermaritzburg and did all his immunisations there. I am now in Johannesburg and he is due for his 6th year vaccination. The private hospital group where he was born tells me to go to KZN and so did all the clinics and public hospitals that I went to. He needs to start school and the card is needed, so what must I do in such a case. Must I really go to KZN?

  59. These Government facilities are so unfair.
    My sons booklet Got damaged due to a storm last year, the house and everything caved in so the booklet was soaked in water. then previously when i took him for immunization i asked if its possible to get another book.

    the nurses just said its one book per child therefore they could not issued me with another so i go with this damaged book

  60. My child s health card is missing. Wat shd we do to.get the details and a new card?

  61. My name is Fazlonah I have lost my four year old clinic card when she was still a baby I have try to get it back form my local clinic they told me that they have no record of her and that I should go to the hospital where she was born…. I went there and that send my back to my local clinic please help what should I do the daycare has requested for her card

  62. Good day my name is Rose i lost my daughters card due to relocating,and it is need on Tuesday at CRECHE and also on the 19th of April 2018 it will be needed because it’s her date for immunization,how can i get the new one?

    Kind regards

  63. Hi. Why are public nurses so mean!? They will humiliate you jus cos you come to the clinic at 10 in the morning instead of coming at 7am. Either way they will make you wait and you will be lucky to leave before 3hours. The baby/family planning nurse at the Redcliff Clinic in Verulam, KwaZulu Natal, S.A. is the most inhumane person i have ever met.

  64. Hi I’ve my daughter’s immunisation card due to house breaking. She was born in 2006 at McCord hospital and she has done all immunes till 12 years. I need to register her at school, I’m desperate.

  65. Good day,
    I lost my 2 children health cards i am in need of both of them.

    [personal info here removed by site admin]

  66. Where can i get the clinic card for my son he is 20 yeara and they want iy at the inaurance campanies that i am claiming from.

  67. I lost my daughter’s clinic card, I went to olieven clinic, they said they can’t issue one, I must go the place I gave birth, I gave birth at ladium CHC,this is my second visit, they don’t seem to be interested to give me. They just send me to the waiting room and say they will communicate with me. But nothing.
    Olieven clinic said I must come with the card and they record everything for me. I really need the card because I have to register my daughter for grade 1 next year.
    What is the next step because laudium clinic doesn’t seem interested in helping me?

  68. Hi
    My name is Gheta
    Our home was broken in to in 31 December 2017 and stole plenty things most important a laptop bag where I kept important documents with my kids clinic cards, now that I am looking for it cause I need to inroll my 5 year old daughter for school, I see it was stolen with the rest of our other important valuables
    I’m really worried cause I registered on line for school now I need to submit all documents the school needs. I’m so worried cause I registered on Monday and I’m going to the school tomorrow to hand in the documents and they said 7 days from registered date. What do I do now, I’m really worried.

  69. I gave birth at Limpopo province but now i am stying at western cape and i have lost my child’s clinic card will they be able to give me another card at wc

  70. refusing me to take my kids with me , so I had to close grant bcz she was using it about a year.. so now I can’t open their grant again.. I only managed to do new birth certificate but now am struggling to get clinic … they told me to go back where they were born for me to get cards ( Free state ) am struggling am not working and we now staying around Gauteng …
    Please help what can I do…..??

  71. I was robbed they took my my bag last month my child clinic card was there she is 6 years old now and they want it i gave birth at King Dinizulu hospital at Kzn now she is going school next year they I want it what should i do plz help

  72. Please I need help been going to different clinics I can’t get a child clinic card they denied me

  73. Hello, I’m so stressed just lost my daughters clinic card and suspect it was stollen. I was told to go get replacement card but i am a bit worried of fraud stars as it was stollen. Can other nationals be able to use my childs card for identity purpose or other frauds with just clinic card or i am just worried for nothing?

  74. I have lost my child clinic card and I visited the clinic to enquire, they told me they don’t know what must I do.please help me

  75. They say that they will not help my younger brother because i dont have his clinic. .

  76. Hi my name is Tsholofelo from pta I lost both my 2 children’s immunisation chart, I went to were they were born to inform them .they replied that I must pay R500 rand for each child .is that even legal

  77. I lost my son’s road to health booklet and the clinic sister adviced me to go to the hospital where I gave birth with an affidavit and I would be issued a replacement, but the Sister in the maternity ward said it is not possible. My son was refused immunization at Crechè yesterday because of the lost booklet. Please advice what to do.

  78. what documents do i need to take to the clinic to get my son’s road to health booklet after losing it? do i need to take him with me?

  79. Good afternoon I’m a father of one lovely daughter please advise me what to do

    I have recently found that the mother was not taking the child for check up for 1 year what should I do
    I took the baby documents and certificates how should I update it and who should I go to for assistance

  80. Hi there. My son was born on 6 June 2016. I was in the proses of regestring me when I lost his proof of birth as well as his road to health card. Went to the hospital where he was born asked for a new proof of birth but said that its in their archives so they can’t help me unless I get a new road to health book. Please provide me with some kind of advice as on how to go about this he needs to go to school this year but need to get him registered first. Please help me

  81. My daughter is applying to work overseas and they want her immunisation card that says she was vaccinated against measles.
    We have moved numerous times and unfortunately the card has been lost. She is 34 years old. How do we go about getting a replacement.
    Your advice will be much appreciated.

  82. Hi I’ve got a 3 year his father took his clinic card since i broke up with him i need the card i can’t take my son to clinic because of not having a clinic card what should i do

  83. Hey I have birth at Netcare Garden City in 2020 and my son’s immunization card is destroyed, what process can I take to get card replacement

  84. Hi, my daughters in the US & needs her immunization card. She was born in 1998, I have no idea where the card is. What do I do?

  85. Hi Marinda, I am in a similar situation. Did you manage to get a copy of the records and if so, how?

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