This is a quick-search reference for healthcare pros, especially nurses in southern Africa. It’s a simple site meant for mobile phones. All the content is from the book Child Healthcare available from Bettercare.

To contact us, email info@childhealthcare.co.za.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Children need caring trained healthcare care workers to take good care of their needs. Hands up to South Africans who are up to good service.

  2. I was robbed they took my my bag my child with my child clinic card last month she is 6 years old now and they want it at school next year what should i do plz help

  3. Good day
    I hope you can assist, my daughter was born in 1990. She has moved to NZ and they need prove that she was immunized in South Africa, she cannot give them prove as I don’t have her immunization card any longer. How can I get records that she was indeed immunized as the doctor that did this also left the country a while back.

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