What should be done once the modifiable factors have been identified within a region?

A meeting of all role-players must be called to report and discuss the findings. It is important to identify the most common and most important modifiable factors, especially those that can be addressed and corrected. Doctors, nurses and administrators should work together to find practical answers. A plan must then be developed to implement changes aimed at lowering the mortality rate. This usually requires an improvement in the quality of health care that children receive.

The data collection sheet for childhood deaths from the ChildPIP

A regular assessment of both the causes and modifiable factors must be made to determine whether the interventions are in fact reducing the mortality rate by decreasing the frequency of deaths associated with those causes and modifiable factors. Positive results are a very powerful motivating factors for the staff. A failure to show an improvement indicates that the strategy to lower mortality is ineffective. The reasons for this must be found and corrected. In future it is hoped that the deaths of children of 5 years and older will also be recorded and analysed in a similar fashion.

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