Can a child with acute diarrhoea be treated at home?

Children with mild diarrhoea and no visible signs of dehydration can be treated at home with continuing feeds and oral rehydration solution. If the diarrhoea becomes worse or does not recover in 2 days the child must be seen at a clinic. Children who refuse to drink or who vomit repeatedly must be taken to a clinic immediately as they are at great risk of dehydration. Counsel the mother to seek help if the infant’s eyes or fontanelle appear sunken. Most children with diarrhoea can be managed at home. The mother must know how to give rehydration solution correctly and when to bring the child back to clinic.

Children with mild diarrhoea can be treated at home with feeds and oral rehydration solution.

The guidelines for managing acute diarrhoea at home are:

  1. Give extra fluids.
  2. Continue feeding.
  3. Know when to take the child to the clinic or hospital.

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