What are the presenting signs of acute glomerulonephritis?

  • Haematuria and proteinuria. There may be obvious blood in the urine seen with the naked eye (dark urine). Marked haematuria looks like dilute Coca Cola. The red cells can also be seen under the microscope. Haematuria and proteinuria can be detected with reagent strips.
  • Decreased urine volume (oliguria). In severe cases there may be no urine produced (anuria).
  • Oedema of the face (especially in the morning) and feet (especially in the evenings)
  • Hypertension

The severity of signs varies widely. In many children the condition is asymptomatic and would only be diagnosed by testing the urine for blood and protein, or by measuring the blood pressure.

Acute glomerulonephritis usually presents with dark urine, reduced urine output and oedema.

Oedema plus marked proteinuria without haematuria suggests nephrotic syndrome.

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