Should the child be undressed for the examination?

If possible, all the infant’s clothes should be removed slowly and gently. Toys or sweets may help to distract the child during undressing and examination. Never touch a child with cold hands. Most children do not mind being undressed provided due respect is paid to their feelings. Older children may be sensitive and embarrassed about getting undressed in front of strangers.

If a child is very distressed by being completely undressed, it may be better to undress and examine one part of the body at a time. If a child is shy, it is best to leave the underpants on for most of the examination. However, the genitalia should be inspected. A soft blanket can be used to cover parts of the body while they are not being examined.

The examination room should be warm, quiet and interesting to the child. Always keep the mother close by.

Always have warm hands when examining a child.

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