How should you decide whether the management of a child was correct?

If possible, standard national protocols of care should be used. The management which was given can then be compared to the approved management. If a national protocol is not available, the most acceptable method of care should be obtained from a current textbook, journal article or expert on that condition. By asking questions at mortality meetings, better ways of preventing, diagnosing and managing childhood problems are often identified. This is one of the great benefits of these meetings. Modifiable factors must always be looked for and recorded at the mortality meeting.

By identifying errors in management and correcting these errors, the lives of children in future can be saved. This is one of the main aims of mortality meetings.

Identifying and correcting errors in management can save the lives of other children.

It is very important to praise good management, even if the child died. A positive attitude and willingness to compliment the staff for good care helps to encourage active participation and lessen the fear of criticism.

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