What grants are available?

There are a number of state grants aimed at supporting poor families, families of children with special needs, and families who are fostering a child.

In South Africa the following grants are available:

  1. Child support grant: For children in very poor homes

For children under 14 years with a caregiver over 18 years and a monthly household income under R800 (rural) or R11000 (urban).

  • Care dependency grant: For the support of families of children with permanent handicaps

For children aged 2 to 18 years with a severe handicap and an annual family income below R 48 000.

  • Foster care grant: To assist foster families of a child in need

For children under 18 years who live with, and are cared for by, a foster family. Requires a court order.

  • Social relief grant: An immediate short-term grant for children and families during a crisis situation (e.g. death of the breadwinner)

Usually food parcels or a small financial grant while other grant applications are being processed.

The types of grants and schemes to reduce poverty in South Africa are being rapidly expanded.

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