What are the guidelines for antiretroviral therapy?

  1. Usually, 3 drugs are used together (multi-drug therapy).
  2. The drugs must be given regularly and correctly, at the same time every day (good adherence or compliance).
  3. Once or twice daily drugs that taste pleasant and can be given as a liquid are ideal.
  4. The dose is calculated for body weight (or body surface area). The most common mistake is not to increase the dosage as the child grows.
  5. Someone must take responsibility for the medication. There must be firm parental commitment to life-long treatment.
  6. Educating the parents and child about correct medication is essential.
  7. Treatment should be started and monitored for the first 6 months by an infectious disease clinic (AIDS clinic). Follow-up can then be done at a primary care clinic.

It is most important that antiretroviral therapy is given correctly every day.

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