How can a sugar and salt solution be made at home?

Home made sugar and salt solution (SSS) is not quite as good as commercial oral rehydration solution as it does not contain potassium. However, it is immediately available and often lifesaving. The commonest recipe for a sugar and salt solution is:

  1. 1 litre of clean water.
  2. 8 level teaspoons of sugar.
  3. ½ of a level teaspoon of table salt.

One litre of water can be measured with a measuring jug or a one litre cool drink bottle. The sugar and salt must be added to the litre of clean water and mixed well. It is very important not to add too much salt. If possible, the sugar and salt solution should be given by cup or by spoon as this avoids using dirty bottles. It is dangerous to add a sachet of rehydration powder to the sugar and salt solution as this will make the solution too concentrated.

A sugar and salt solution for oral rehydration can be easily made up at home.

25 thoughts on “How can a sugar and salt solution be made at home?

  1. I am a professional nurse and have always found the homemade SSS excellent!. Only thing concerning me is we have always said one level teaspoon of salt to 8 level tsps sugar to 1 liter of water. Yours says half.. I am concerned about this. Wonder how I can confirm if 1 teaspoon is too much

  2. Hi i also know it to be only half level teaspoon salt its in our standard med books that comes with the baby at birth they say more than thay is too much and can harm your baby cause it thins the blood.But yes i use it at home and when i was in hospital with my son for a few days.oh and why prep half L just make one and use it till u dnt need anymore.or 4 teaspoon sugar to tip of teaspoon salt lol.

  3. Why is the number of teaspoon of sugar varying in different studies. It used to SSS made with 60cl and 10 level teaspoons of sugar?

  4. Thanx a lot. We desperately needed it because we could not drive to the local hospital through heavy rain.

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